EPDM rubber seals

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber seals are widely used for their excellent properties, making them suitable for various sealing applications. Here are some key characteristics and applications of EPDM rubber seals: **1. Material Composition:** - EPDM is a synthetic rubber composed of ethylene, propylene, and diene monomers. This composition gives EPDM its unique combination of properties. **2. Weather Resistance:** - EPDM rubber is known for its exceptional resistance to weathering. It can withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and temperature fluctuations without significant degradation. **3. UV Resistance:** - EPDM rubber exhibits good resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, making it suitable for outdoor applications where exposure to sunlight is common. **4. Ozone Resistance:** - EPDM rubber is resistant to ozone, a common environmental factor. This resistance prevents the material from cracking or deteriorating when exposed to ozone in the atmosphere

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